Why am I having problems registering for an IRIS ParentMail account?

To register an IRIS ParentMail account, you must have been sent an account registration invite by email or text message from a school using IRIS ParentMail.

There is a known issue when registering an IRIS ParentMail account from a text message invite using a Samsung phone. For more information, go to Why is the IRIS ParentMail log in page displayed when I try to register?.

What do I do if I have not received a link to register an IRIS ParentMail account?

Check the Junk and Spam folders in your email. If you cannot find your IRIS ParentMail account registration invite, contact the school who can resend it.

Do not contact IRIS ParentMail. We cannot send a registration invite on behalf of a school.

What do I do if my account registration link has expired?

If the Your registration link has expired message is displayed when you select Register from the account registration email or text message, an IRIS ParentMail account for your details has already been registered with a school. Log into IRIS ParentMail to access your account.

If you have forgotten your log in details, select Forgotten your password?

If you cannot remember the email address or mobile number you used to register your account, contact the school who can confirm the details.

Why is a No Connections message displayed when I try to register?

Your IRIS ParentMail account is not connected to any students at the school. You must contact the school and ask them to link your account to your child or children in IRIS ParentMail.