How do I book and pay for school meals or clubs?

  1. Go to Accounts, then for the required student, select the menu or club.

  2. From the calendar, select the date you want to make meal choices or book a place for, then make payment.

    Dates are colour coded by availability. Use the status types to identify available dates. If there are no dates you can make selections for, contact the school.

If you select PAY LATER, the items are saved in your Basket. When you are ready to make payment, go to Basket.

What are repeat bookings?

If you are making a booking for a club, from the Repeat Selections window, select from the following options:

  • Repeat – to make the same bookings for a different week.
  • Continue – if you do not want to make the same bookings for a different week.
  • Cancel – to return to the booking details and make any changes.

Select the weeks you want to repeat the bookings for from the listed options, then select Continue.