How can I make a payment?

To make payments in IRIS ParentMail, you can use:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • PayPal™
  • Cash - using a barcode system for a payment provider

If you need to make payments using vouchers, such as childcard vouchers, or your child or children are entitled to funding from educational authorities, contact the school. They can complete the order and take payment.

Can I pay using cash?

If the item you are buying is only available for a limited time or quantity, we recommend paying cash using PayPal™ to make sure the order is completed as quickly as possible.

You can only pay cash for items using a PayPoint™ barcode. If the school accept PayPoint™ payments, it is displayed as an option when making payment.

When you pay using a PayPoint™ barcode, the school is notified by 3pm the following day. The order is only updated within your account to confirm payment was received when the school have received the payment.

PayPoint™ can only be used to pay for items between £5 and £149.99.

Why is PayPal™ no longer available payment?

The school set the payment options they accept. If PayPal™ was previously displayed, to confirm if it is still accepted, contact the school.

Are charges applied to payments made using credit cards?

Charges are not applied to credit card payments made using IRIS ParentMail.