How do I book Parents' Evening appointments?

When the school invite you to a Parents' Evening, available appointments can be booked from your IRIS ParentMail account.

You can only book appointments for Parents' Evenings that have Accepting Bookings status.

  1. Go to Parents Evenings, then for event you want to book appointments for select the invite.
  2. Choose a session, then to view available appointments, select BOOK NOW.
  3. For the appointment time you want, select BOOK.

How many appointments can I book?

The school set how many appointments you can book. If an appointment is greyed out, you cannot book it.

How do I book a longer appointment?

The school set the length of the appointments. To book a longer appointment, either book more than one appointment, or contact the school to arrange your appointment.

Why are some appointment times grayed out?

Greyed out appointments are unavailable because they have already been booked.